What Clients Have to Say

Overcoming the fear of driving
As I relaxed and was receptive to the message and to the hypnosis, I am beyond grateful I went and believed that I was able to open my subconscious and welcome the change. I have now driven for the past two days without fear and listening to the inner voice allows me to move through this fear. I would recommend this a million times over.
Dawn Schumann

A need for a new beginning that will open potential accomplishments for me
Shenique Colby

A peaceful mind obtained!
I believe when one thing changes for you it can change everything for you! This was my experience with Reflection from within. After my first session I was able to sleep through the night! I still remember the session throughout my days, and it keeps me in a reminder of peace. I highly recommend her services! I felt at home, relaxed and peaceful.
Drea Lee

Safiya is a goddess <3
Working with Safiya has given me not only the reboot I needed to get my life moving the right direction again, and she gave me tools I can use anytime to get recentered and re-aligned, her work has been a blessing for me.
Bridgett Hart, Mantis Careers, LLC

Head Chef and CEO A Reluctant Vegetarian
It has been my pleasure to connect with Safiya. She is an awesome light worker and the way that she is committed to her path and the work that she does is inspiring. I feel that her personal experiences and triumphs are a great asset when working with her. Working with Safiya you are guaranteed a dynamic experience.

Wellness and Nutrition Consultant
Seeing Safiya changed my entire world in a matter of 30 minutes/ I swear as soon as I left her my spirit felt so good and uplifted. I immediately changed my attitude and the words that I spoke, and the very next day after I shifted my thoughts, I got hired on the spot at a fitness club and my inbox was full with meal plan request. Ever since that day with Safiya, so many great things have changed in my life within a mater of a week. I can’t thank her enough for the advice she gave me. I’m so glad that she is helping others around the world to “Shift” their thinking and start living a better life. If you are looking for a serious change in your life, Safiya is most definitely the one to run to. It will be on of the best decisions you can make!